agnetic Resonance in Solids. Electronic Journal.

Submission rules

Authors are invited to submit articles to the Editorial Board in standard LaTeX format (use current version LaTeX2e with Computer Modern fonts and (optionally) AMS fonts) with graphics in encapsulated PostScript format (EPS files) or pdfLaTeX with graphics in Portable Document Format (PDF files) or portable network graphics (png files) and in the Microsoft Word formats (Win MSWord) (see How to prepare a manuscript). Submissions to MRSej may consist of a single TeX file or a combination of one or more TeX files, graphics files, auxiliary LaTeX files, etc. All submissions must utilize an MRSej template to specify bibliographic and other information.

LaTeX (LaTeX2e) IS THE PREFERRED FORMAT, and its use will facilitate consideration of an article, but papers in other standard TeX flavors will be considered (see How to prepare a manuscript). As exception articles may be submitted in the Microsoft Word formats (Win MSWord) (see How to prepare a manuscript). Authors who intend to submit a manuscript in a different format should consult the Executive Editor ( ) before submission.

Articles may be submitted in the following way:

Submissions to MRSej which do not process through LaTeX (or MSWinWord) viewer without errors will be returned to the author along with a error log file. The author is expected to rectify the errors and re-submit the research announcement.

Publication will be immediate following acceptance of the article.

When your paper is published, we will send out a short version of title page of your article (without Logo) to our subscribers. Your abstract, reproduced verbatim, will be the main content of that notice, so please take care in making the abstract informative, complete, clear, and as self-contained as possible, in order to interest subscribers in reading your paper.

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